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My Gun - the finished article

Harry Wallace


I now have some pictures of my gun in it's final form, in a very nifty display / carrying case. I thought I would share them with you - see updated Gun pics in Gallery. I can't wait to start my next this space.

Ready for Goldsmiths Fair

Harry Wallace

Kion the Lion is going to visit the Goldsmiths

Kion the Lion is going to visit the Goldsmiths

After months of designing, making, polishing and organising......I'm ready for my first Goldsmiths Fair which starts in London on the 3rd October. See Events for details. As I've never been there, I'm unsure what to expect, but I hope my work is well received and that I can network with like-minded people and make some good connections.

Exhibitions & Fairs

Harry Wallace

Hi, A quick update on where you can see me and my work, visit Events page for details.

In early October I'm delighted to be at the Goldsmith's Fair in London for the first time and that is for a week from the 3rd to 9th October.

In November, I'm back at the Elements Silver Exhibition in Edinburgh for the 2nd year in a row from 4th to 6th November.

I hope you can make either or even both of these and allow me to show you my work and demonstrate my passion for my craft.